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Do you need help? Are you feeling silenced, hurt, betrayed, lonely, angry, taken advantage of, lost or nervous about your future as a stepmom? Research tells us that stepmothers have the most difficult role of anyone in a stepfamily. But there are things you can do to empower yourself.

I am now available for personalized, one-on-one coaching to offer you the support, education, and inspiration you need to begin creating the stepfamily life you desire.


“Thank you so much for your research and your work…You are changing lives all over the world.” –Alex, Australia


You can search through the many free articles and resources available on my website, purchase my book, or now you can work one-on-one with me to discover the answers that can help you with your particular needs. I’ll help you develop stepfamily strategies that can give you a roadmap to peace.

I can help you if you are struggling with:

• Building a strong relationship with your partner

• Bonding with your stepchildren

• Stepparenting dilemmas

• Managing anger, jealousy, and resentment

• Dealing with the ex

• Combining his and her sets of kids in the same house

• Handling teenage and adult stepchildren

• Adding a new child to a stepfamily

• Preparing for your wedding day


“Jacque, thank you for your continuing candor on the subject of being a stepmom…I’m finding it’s never too late to learn stepmom strategies.”


What is Coaching?

Coaching is an individual program of encouragement, learning, and solution-storming designed to help you articulate your goals and accelerate change in your life. Coaching takes place on the telephone.

Unlike counseling, coaching is a short-term, action-oriented approach. My specialized coaching begins with an hour and a half session on the telephone. The first half-hour is FREE. Then I will work with you to design a program that best fits your goals and your budget.

My intention and mission with coaching is to inspire you to create the changes you need to make in your life by empowering you to help yourself. I do this with my unique blend of support, education, and inspiration.


“I will continue to pat myself on the back and tell myself I am doing a good job. I am doing the best job I know I can. I have also taken Jacque’s advice and forwarded it to my husband. I felt her take on what a biological parent can do to ease some of the stepparent’s stress was right on. Thanks Jacque!”


What Coaching is NOT.

Coaching is not licensed counseling or formal therapy. If you need help from a therapist please visit the National Stepfamily Resource Center or sign up to receive my blog posts in your inbox to ensure you hear about the launch of The Stepfamily Resource Directory, a new publication I’m working on that will be ready by January 2010 and will include a list of therapists and counselors trained in stepfamily dynamics.

Who am I?

I brings experience from all aspects of stepfamily life. I am a stepdaughter, stepsister, half-sister, stepmother of three children, and mother of one. I am the author of the award-winning book A Career Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Stepmom. (HarperCollins), the Co-Founder of the Stepfamily Letter Project and the host of the popular Becoming a Stepmom podcast. I was trained in stepfamily education by the National Stepfamily Resource Center and I work with the Co-Active Coaching model developed by The Coaches Training Institute.


“Fletcher readily acknowledges that the pitfalls facing recombined families are many, but her overall message is positive.”


How Long is a Session?

Sessions are 30 minutes or 1 hour in length and take place over the telephone. The first Get to Know You session is 1 1/2 hours in length and includes a FREE half hour.

How Often Do We Talk?

Your custom-built program can include a session once a week, every two weeks or once a month, depending on your needs.

How much does it cost?

Individualized, one-on-one coaching is available:

-By the hour for $250

Or you can choose a cost reduction package:

-2 one hour, twice monthly sessions for $450 (reg $500)

-4 one hour, weekly sessions for $800 (reg $1,000)

When you purchase a package you also receive direct email access to me between sessions.

What if I can’t afford your rates?

I offer a select number of sliding scale options with an application process for those whose ability to pay is truly limited. There will also be several no fee scholarships available per year. If you feel you are eligible, please make your request for sliding scale options or a no fee scholarship by sending an email to

Are you ready to go deep?

Set up a free 15-minute consultation with me to see if coaching is right for you, email or visit

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