Comment Guidelines

If you would like to make a comment about a letter on this site, please keep in mind that the feelings expressed by the writers are real even if they make you feel uncomfortable or angry or sad. Please be respectful of the letter writers’ honesty. The letters express the feelings of real people who are living with anger, pain, disappointment, hope, love, or appreciation. Each letter we receive is a gift that will help us all understand blended families better.

We will not publish comments that are abusive. We also will not publish comments that name a letter writer or anyone in their family. This site is meant to be a place where people can share their feelings anonymously. We will publish comments that begin a dialogue about an aspect of stepfamily life that we can all learn from.

The letters you read here might bring up strong feelings. What an opportunity to find out more about ourselves! We encourage you to use the information you find out here to dig deeper into you and your family’s personal growth. If you find that the letters bring up particularly strong feelings, we enourage you to seek help from certified stepfamily professionals.

May we all find peace and harmony in our stepfamilies.

Jacque and Erin

2 Responses to “Comment Guidelines”

  1. Dear Husband,

    From the moment we met, I knew how special you were. Accepting me and my 2 kids. I feel sad when you are so hard on my son. He is a teenager and is trying to survive a lot of hard times. I am having a hard time dealing with all the pressures in life and am angry that you are so emotionally vacant towards me. My son and daughter and I faced a really bad divorce, health issues, and the death of my Mom. I wish you would be more understanding and less critical. This is the time I need you the most. Hope things can get better soon.

  2. I just stumbled upon this site and I am thrilled. Things are a bit tense in my blended family right now. I am going to suggest this to my two bio sons (13 & 19) and my husband of ten months. I am not sure how they will respond or if they will participate but all I can do is try. Even if they don’t want to write their own letters I will be writing one to the three of them!!!

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