Dear (Soon to be Ex) Husband (EH) and my (EX) Best Friend (ho bag)

Let me start off my addressing the two of you separatly.
First off, EH…  For 8 years I have stood by you thru everything.  Through your divorce with your ex-wife, through everyone being “too busy” to deal with SS. I was there when you lost your job and were unemployed for a year. I stuck by you thru your temper, and your insane demands.  You started seeing Ho Bag… of all people… MY BEST FRIEND. She stood up with me at OUR WEDDING. And don’t say it just happened, and it wasn’t intentional.  Out of anyone you could have gone with, you went with her.  There was a reason I stopped inviting her around, but no you went and found her. Then you expect me to come running back to you, because you are a changed man.  Well I don’t beleive one damn word of it.  You slept with her in a drunken, pain pill fueled stupor less than 3 weeks ago.  And you expect me to believe you have changed in that small period of time? And the therapist backed up my feelings when he said that 50% of addicts “relapse” after they get what they lost back.  Well sorry, but those odds aren’t good enough for me to reimerse myself in the shit pit that is your life. I hope you enjoy her, and I am glad she is so affectionate, and pulled together and looks so great all the time.  But that is easy to do when at 27 you still live with your Mommy, have no bills, no house, no kid to take care of, and you work a bullshit job that is usually reserved for 15 year olds.
Now for Ho-Bag…. You were my BEST FRIEND since 9th grade.  We went off to college together. When they thought your Mom was going to die, I dropped everything, missed my college finals and drove you home in the middle of the night so you could see her. You were in my wedding.  So how do you justify sleeping with my husband? And it isn’t like you just slept with him… you guys dated and went out in public… all the while he came home and kissed me every night. Have you no self-respect? And of all people, I would think you know how it feels to be cheated on after what your ex-fiance did to you, but then you turn around and do it to me? Did you ever once think about his son? You supposedly love my husband so much, but you are destroying the only family his son has known for the past 8 years.
And to the both of you… You deserve each other.  Go out and drink and party and have fun.  I am done standing by through thick and thin, and I am done forgiving people who go too far, treat me like shit, and then expect forgiveness.  And in the end, the one who suffers is SS.  Because he doesn’t know why things aren’t working out, he just wants his stepmom to come back… except I can’t tell a 12 year old that I can’t come back, because Daddy is too busy screwing Miss B.  And now his world will be shattered again, and he will have to move again, and start over in a new school with new friends.
Well I hope it was worth it to the both of you. I hope that all the partying and drinking were well worth the damage done.
Without love,
Soon-to-be-Ex-Wife #2

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on December 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dear (Soon to be Ex) Husband (EH) and my (EX) Best Friend (ho bag)”

  1. I’m so sorry. Not sorry for your ex and that skank, but sorry for you and your SON. Hopefully you will still stay a part of his life.

    When I left my EH (I came out of the closet), we remained friends, but his ex didn’t want me to see my SD anymore. That’s what has been the hardest… Losing my girl who I love more than life itself.

    Sending love & hugs your way.

  2. I am so sorry. My husband’s ex slept with his best friend. She’s a red neck skank and his bf is no better. There is no pain like that of a trust that has been broken by those who supposedly love you.

    Sending hugs to you!

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