To the Woman Who Loves the word “Mommy”

First, you get pregnant after a month of dating. Then, when he graciously marries you and gives you everything he possibly can, you cheat on him, not once, but with three different men? Have you met your ex?! Is he the same man I’m dating now?! If he is, you were and are out of your mind. You had this amazing, beautiful son together. He was faithful to you, loved you, cared for you, and dealt with you! You had this pretty little picture in your head, of being married and having a baby and this perfect little life together. The reality is, you didn’t have what it takes to make it work. You care more about yourself than your own son. To me, that is sickening. He kicked you out… the smartest thing he had done in over 3 years. Before the divorce even went through, you were engaged again. Will you ever learn?! It would be humorous to me, to watch the things you come up with and the way you live your pathetic life, IF it didn’t involve this amazing 5 year old I know. And then… you left. You burned too many bridges here… it didn’t work out with your new flavor of the week. You didn’t have a good job, a place to live, or any friends. I wonder why. You had the audacity to say if you hadn’t had left, you and your son would’ve ended up homeless and you couldn’t do that to him! WRONG sweetie… his Daddy is here. HE would’ve never been homeless. HE always has a place here, where he belongs. You left because YOU wanted to. YOU cheated. YOU messed up. YOU spent all your money on petty things. YOU took your son from boyfriend’s house to boyfriend’s house and had him sleep on the floor. YOU left… because you didn’t feel like playing “mommy” anymore.

How could you? How could you go like that, with no plan on returning? How could you lie, again and again, about your many “reasons”? Have you met your son?! He’s amazing. He lights up my world in a way I never thought possible. He is so smart and funny and amazing. How could you not care?! How is it that you are satisfied with only speaking to him once a week, if that? Meanwhile, he asks questions. I don’t know how to answer them! I don’t know how to tell him that his “Mommy” didn’t care enough about him to figure out any way to live with him. I can’t tell him that. He adores you. He needs you. You’re his MOTHER! Which, you like to throw in my face whenever possible. You think that really hurts me?! HA! I laugh at it. I laugh at you! Stop wasting your energy on trying to get it through to me that you’re the real mother. I already know that. Why don’t you prove it to who really matters here? Your son.

“Mommy”… you sure do love that word. The thing is, “Mommy” is the title for the caring and love in which I am providing for your son. I get him ready for school, pack his lunch, make sure he has a jacket, help him with his homework, take him to the park, look under the bed for monsters, give him hugs when he’s sad, teach him new songs, take him on trips, and more. When he talks about his family, he mentions MY name first, even before Daddy. I have turned my entire life around for your son. I would do anything for that child. What have you done? What can you honestly say that you’ve done for him, and not for yourself?

I really wish you could see this letter. The thing is, it wouldn’t make a difference. You’ll always figure out a way to be the victim. I hope your son never figures out what kind of person you are. He’s better off not knowing.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on November 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “To the Woman Who Loves the word “Mommy””

  1. You’re right, he is better off not knowing. I hope you will keep that thought later on as things will surely get tougher as the years go on. He doesn’t need to know. Not from anyone but her.

    Don’t be so angry that she left your boyfriend. Be grateful or you wouldn’t have him in your life. She might not have seen the man you see, so be grateful for the way it worked out.

  2. I am glad to see I am not the only person who has alot of the same going on. Its been 3 years now and the “MOMMY” in my situation has only gotten worse. I guess the only thing that keeps me sane is I do for all 4 of the children involved with me because I love them and I know its no fault of theirs that their “MOMMY” is the way she is. As aggravating as SHE is , I just keep doing what I am doing becaue I know the kids are better people because at least they do have me and their father in their life. The sad part is that the MOMMY in my situation is never going to change the way she is and it doesn’t sound like it will change in yours either. Smile and be proud because you are truely a blessing in this childs life, and by the sounds of it he needs you.

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