Dear Biological Monster

For the third time this year, you have taken the children away from us because you think it is in their “best interests”.  I find this quite laughable as all we have done is ask you to be more reasonable when it comes to access to the children but being the irrational and idiotic person that you are you have yet again used the children as weapons against us…Nice one.

The children have a father who they love spending time with and I know you would like to pretend that they don’t or that your current significant other is their real father.  However, they have one and regardless of how YOU feel about him, he has every right to see the children.

You shut him out of every decision that affects the upbringing of the children; we do not even know who the children’s doctor is and then you accuse us of not taking an interest.  Then when we do ask and request information from you we get a mountain of verbal abuse about how we are interfering or we get the door slammed in our faces.  At the end of the day, the children need BOTH of their parents (although sometimes I really wish they didn’t need you) and you should be grateful that their father fights so hard for them, because not everyone would.

Your martyr act is getting old and I won’t tolerate it any longer, it was YOU who ended your relationship, it was YOU who cheated and it was YOU who threw their dad out.  I do not care that you are finding life a struggle, you chose to have these kids but you do not seem to want to take any responsibility for them or for their problematic behaviour.  You seem to find it acceptable to call us at all hours of the day and night yelling abuse and throwing defamatory remarks around in front of the children when they are misbehaving and you can no longer control them and you want us to fix the problem.  LOL.  It is not our problem you are an incompetent mother.

Get a JOB a real one where you actually declare it to the jobcentre and stop scrounging off the taxpayers.  If you cannot afford to live without the child support coming in you should both get off your lazy backsides and get jobs.  You claim to be a stay at home mom, fine, but that is your and your significant other’s choice, and again, as you cannot afford to live without the CS coming in, it is definitely a bad one.  Whilst I’m on the subject of finances I am going to point out that my income does not entitle you to get more money from my boyfriend and what I spend my hard earned money on is my decision and has nothing to do with you!  It is ME who is still paying for your damned wedding because you refuse to pay the loan and it is ME who has to pay for the loan my boyfriend stupidly took out for your mother because you nagged him so much.  Therefore, you can shove your sense of entitlement right up your skanky ass because you are nothing but a scrounging, benefit-cheating whore.

It is not our fault that you are unable to plan your money properly and spend it pissing it down the drain on drunken night’s out that I have bore witness to more than once so do not expect a penny more from us when you can’t afford uniforms and shoes.  This is going to be a very hard concept for you to grasp but that money is for the children, not for you but it’s nice to see you spending it so wisely.

You can tell me to back off all you want but being as it’s me that has to clear up all your messes means that you do not get an opinion on how I look after “your” children until you can support yourself without CS from my boyfriend. No job, no opinion so shut your trap until you are a contributing member of society and not an entitlement and CS breeder.

My personal life is none of your business, I have a career and prospects (unlike you), I do not drink (unlike you), I do not take drugs (unlike you – (it may well have been in the past but I’m not so stupid to think that you don’t take the occasional hit of weed being as you live with a massive stoner)) AND unlike you I can manage to hold down a full-time job and a university course because that’s just how awesome I am.  I have never put the children anywhere close to danger or harm and their well-being is of the utmost importance to me (unlike you) so, therefore, how I live my life has nothing to do with you.

I really feel it’s time you got over your uterus.  I don’t yet have children of my own (please bear particular notice to the word yet) but that does not mean I do not know how to take care of a child.  You complain incessantly that I am not responsible enough to be around your children because I don’t have any experience of dealing with children.  I’d say helping to raise my 2 nephews and a niece is more than enough experience, just because I didn’t turn my vagina into the bat-cave at the age of 19 doesn’t mean that I can’t parent.

When the children are with us they spend their time using their imaginations, playing in the back garden or interacting with other children when we take them to the park, they read books, practise their handwriting and arithmetic and actually get to do their homework.  None of which they do with you because you all you do is park them in front of the TV, Xbox or Wii to keep them quiet, this is not what I would call spending constructive time with your children and their learning difficulties are your fault because all you do is play videogames with them.  Oh, and letting your 7 year old play Halo is not being a responsible parent now is it so you can stop with the crap about how my 7 year old stepson is missing out because we won’t allow him to play Halo at our house because it ain’t happening bitch so get over it.  The age-restrictions on games are there for a reason.

I am fully aware that I am not your children’s mother and so are they.  Whilst you are happy to take all of our money, you then deny us access every time you get ants in your pants because you are unable to take responsibility for the dipshit decisions YOU have made in your life.

You might have been married to my boyfriend and you might be the mother of his kids but we despise you and, personally, I would never be friends with a worthless piece of crap like you because not only do you lack a moral compass you are also nothing but a parasite.  You have no room in our lives or our relationship.  I have to tolerate you being around because of the children, they need people around them who love them, and I love your kids as if they are my own so you need to GET OVER IT.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on September 14, 2011.

6 Responses to “Dear Biological Monster”

  1. You sound so angry, I’m sorry. It all sounds like a lot to deal with. You need to make sure your anger is properly placed though. You aren’t even married to the guy but he is having you or letting you pay his ex wife’s debts? You are paying off a loan from their wedding? Sounds like you have a major problem with your boyfriend, not his ex wife.

  2. I agree Amy. I was enjoying the letter until she said ‘boyfriend’. Deal breaker.

    And it’s ‘practice handwriting’ not practise just sayin’. You are so bent on pointing out mom’s ignorance, you missed yours…

  3. Just sayin’ — From reading the letter, I suspect the writer isn’t from the U.S. so practise is actually correct. Most of Europe and maybe Canada writes the word with an ‘s’.

    I agree that the letter writer sounds angry, but haven’t we all been there at some point? So angry at the other woman that we have nothing but mean things to say?

  4. Isn’t that kind of the point of this site? To get those angry feelings out before they manifest themselves in other, more inappropriate ways?

  5. Erin, really? I did not get that at all. But thank you for pointing it out. 🙂

  6. Really, commenters? Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and their needs to periodically vent them. If we women could just stop being so hateful and judgmental of each other the world could come a long way.

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