Dear Ex-Wife

I find it so rude when you send my husband a text message demanding something of him. Be it keeping the kids later, doing special homework or running errands for the kids, you rarely use “please” or “thank you.” You schedule events for the children during our time and then fail to give us timely notice or an option to decline. Our family life does not revolve around your family life. We make our own plans and we do not need to tell you about them if they do not interfere with pickup or drop off time.

I know you have manners, I have seen messages before where you are polite. So stop being such a troll and say “please schedule the children for a haircut next week” instead of “the boys have a haircut at 3pm on Saturday at XYZ at my overpriced stylist, you need to take them.” You may not realize this, but we do pay you an insane amount of child support and if we have to pay for the haircuts and take them then we get to decide where to take them. If I can be courteous to my ex-husband when scheduling events during his time with our child then surely you can do the same with your ex-husband too.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on August 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “Dear Ex-Wife”

  1. Oh gosh yes, I so understand this one! The ‘ex-wife’ in my life does the exact same thing!

  2. Amen!

  3. Omgosh
    You ladies need to step up and stop this! How in the world did I not find a new wife for my ex like you gals??
    There is NO WAY on earth that my ex and his wife would allow me to EVER schedule anything on their time with our daughter. Now when we were getting along before we both were in new relationships (LOL) we would do things together or not really ‘together’ but we both just had her and nothing else to do so she did cheerleading and girl scouts and they were always on ‘both’ of our days. Doctor appointments would just get ‘scheduled’ and then it was a ‘I can’t go can you?’ sort of agreement. But once he met Mrs. Ex Husband, that all stopped. There were no
    More sports, no more sharing of appointment responsibilities. Nothing. Period. I remember one time, I scheduled a dentist appointment at 830am on a Friday morning (he would pick her up on thurs and return her to school on Friday) well instead of going to school, getting into class, being pulled out 10 min later.. I asked ‘can you just drop her off at my house?’ walking distance to the school btw. New wife said ‘no, do not schedule appointments on our time period. It was not technically on their time but it would have just been easier for them to take a left at the stop sign instead of a right … Towards
    My house but easier for who? Me or them? I don’t know.

    Anyway — my point. You do not have
    To do what these bio mom’s ‘request’ of you and your family. I know I know what’s best for the child right?? Well my child is fine and we have been living by this for 6 years… So I’m sure your kids will survive if you stop allowing biomom the rights to trample your families and your times together.

    As far as the hair cut. No way. No WAY would that fly. LOL they pay child support. Period.

    Free yourselves Just say NO

    And I am NOT a stepmom I just tend to understand both sides for some
    Reason. Lol

  4. Another ex wife, why can’t there be more like you? Hubby’s ex controls every aspect of my home life. even has the kids all upset because I won’t let my bio kid go to her house.

  5. Sara, why would you send your child to her house? Lol do I want to know?

    I hear these stories all the time, how biomom is controlling. Why is it allowed?

    I tried to control my ex ONCE and I got slapped with a contempt accusation. It was thrown out but scared me enough to straighten up. ..

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