Dear Bio Mom,

I have never met or known a more self-obsessed, narcissistic, user of people than yourself. Your ex-husband came home to your filthy housekeeping and self proclaimed “gourmet cooking” but was miserable with you. He was so miserable he couldn’t divorce you fast enough. He was more than fair with you on child support for one child. You have had more than 18 jobs in your ten year marriage while he was a hard worker and excellent provider.

You then immediately run out with the neighbors and marry their friend who lived with his mom on a dare and expose your son whom you claim to love so much to sexual abuse. He told us about it and a lot of other men you use to meet in Seattle. Yeah, you turned vegetarian and lost weight but you still have an ugly face mole and your personality and unkindness which makes you anything but beautiful.

You receive a great amount of child support yet none of it goes to your son whom you refer to as “the mascot” and he rides the city bus while you have to taxi your fella to work to keep him around. He is not interested in purchasing the cow and I can certainly understand why.

You are not getting any younger or better looking. Your son will only buy into the bs you feed him for a few more years and then he will have his own life instead of being your parrot and talking about what he ate at his last meal, which is very not normal for a 14 year old male to do. you will be lucky if he turns out normal as he has been raised by you. You did not graduate from high school and I pray every day that he is able to exceed your lack of accomplishment.

Karma will come around for the alienation you have tried to create with him and his father. We are having a daughter and your ex husband is very excited to be with a woman he loves so much. We are best friends and will be together forever. You do not cause fear in us…..we just realize how truly pathetic you really are and you have no one when your child leaves your home and it will be a sad day when you cannot pick your extra 1800 per month off the ex-husband money tree. I suggest you work a little harder on closing the deal with your fella. We wish you nothing but what you deserve.

~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on July 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dear Bio Mom,”

  1. HaHa…. I am new to your blog but it is very interesting. I also am involved with a man that has a daughter with an ex. Let me tell you I would love to say these kinda things to her!! (To the BM I mean ) I have been with my husband for almost 5 years now. My stepdaughter is 10 and we are currently going through ANOTHER custody battle and I have to tell you it sure does suck : ) I have been thinking about starting a blog of my own because I think maybe it would help my stress level to get my thoughts about BM out in the open and talk to someone about it all. I am a young mother of one biological child and of one stepchild and when I deal with my SD’s mom it sure does stress me out. Keep up the good blog because I enjoy reading.

    • I am too a step mother who has experienced a number of hurtful situations with my husband, stepson and “the ex”. I too have a blog and there are a number of “step mommy blogs” out there that offer great support to us. I would just caution you to be sure you create your blog with privacy settings and you closely monitor who you allow access to your deepest, darkest, feelings, as once they are out there on the internet, they can be used against you or your husband in the court of law. Just like I was able to use facebook information against my step son’s mother.

  2. I think blogging is an excellent way to get it all out. I have also enjoyed reading this site and the letters because it gives me a little perspective.
    Just be careful not to share names or any identifiable information because if you are in a custody battle, you would not want them to be able to use your writings against you or your husband.
    I have been divorced for 6 years and we have a 10 year old together. My exhusband has been with his wife for almost 5 years too. We have also been entangled in a web of custody disputes. The first thing we do for research is surf the web for incriminating information. So just wanted to send that advice.

    Good luck to you both! I know it’s so frustrating. You just want to shake that other parent and tell them to WAKE UP!!!

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