Dear Bio-Mom

I know you have never liked me and you “claim” to hate my boyfriend aka your ex-husband, but why do feel the need to mention this to your children. Your children are only 6 and 8 and don’t need to be exposed to this negativity. What ever issues you have with me and my boyfriend you need to keep between us. Also, why do you lie so much? Why do lie about stuff that nobody even cares about? The funny thing is that you’re even starting to believe your own lies.  And why do you keep bringing up the past about when you and my boyfriend were still together and how he supposedly left you alone to raise your two kids. YOU KNEW HE WAS IN THE ARMY WHEN YOU MARRIED HIM SO YOU KNEW THERE WAS A CHANCE THAT HE WOULD GET DEPLOYED. Why would you allow yourself to get knocked up if you didn’t feel you could take on most of the responsibility of raising the kid? Why would you get pregnant a second time (a year later) if it was hard enough taking care of the first one by yourself?

Every time we get into it and you try to say bad stuff about my boyfriend and I say “well you married him!” why do you keep saying that you were young, naïve, and pregnant as if to say that the only reason you married my boyfriend in the first place was because he knocked you up? I’ve seen the dates on your marriage certificate as well as on the children’s’ birth certificates and you got married BEFORE you had them so stop making it seem like  ya’ll only got married because you were knocked up. YOU LOVED HIM and you still do. You can try to say that you’re “gay” all you want but the only person you’re fooling is yourself and your girlfriend. You need to fix yourself up and find yourself a new man because you are not a true lesbian, bisexual maybe.

If you don’t care about me and my boyfriend than why are you constantly on our facebook pages? I mean seriously when you first found out when me and my boyfriend first started dating you went on my face book page, went through my pictures, and then sent me a message telling me not to put up pictures of your kids on my page. How would you even know that pictures were up there unless you had already been snooping on my page! If you wanted to find out more about me since I was around your kids, all you had to do was say that you wanted to meet me and I would have a been happy to set up a lunch or something and meet with you. But instead you chose to be childish about the whole situation and just find out what you needed to know by going on mine and my boyfriends facebook pages and by asking your kids. You are so insecure about mothering your children its funny! You think that because I’m nice to your children and help my boyfriend out that I’m trying to replace you. Well guess what, if you’re doing what you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing as far as properly mothering your children than you should have nothing to worry about.

You are a very selfish, selfish little girl. I don’t even see you as a woman and I sure don’t see you as a mother. A mother wouldn’t expect a reward for doing what she’s suppose to do which is taking care of her children, however you do! You feel that because you did more as far as raising them when my boyfriend was fighting for his country, that he should be kissing your butt! And before he met me he did kiss your butt because he thought you would take his kids away from him! But when he met me I quickly erased that thinking from his mind and look at him now. You even resent your own children sometimes because they have always had more of my boyfriend’s heart than you!
I know you hate me for changing things but you know it doesn’t matter because you’ll never be woman enough to come step to me correct. In fact, I think you’re a little intimidated by me because 1) your kids like me 2)  I always speak up to you  3) I’m 5”7 as oppose to you who is only about 5”2 so you know if needed I could stomp your ignorant behind out and 4) I’m black! Yeah that’s right I know one of the reasons you don’t like me is because I am a black woman who you feel is “stealing” away one of you asian women’s men!

I can’t believe how greedy you are too! You seriously tried to claim both children on your taxes under false pretences. You know you don’t support those children financially! But it’s okay because me and my mom helped my boyfriend out with his taxes after we found out what you did and I know you’re in debt now because you’re paying all that money you received from the uncle Sam back plus interest! You know what they say about karma. If I were you I wouldn’t try to mess with my boyfriend’s money anymore because we’re trying to start our life together so that affects both us so I’M ALWAYS GOING TO HAVE HIS BACK WHEN IT COMES TO HIS FINANCES! What you two do regarding your kids is between you two but everything else is between us THREE (me, my boyfriend, and you) and the sooner you understand and respect that the easier this will all be.

Your marriage is over because you cheated on my boyfriend and there is no justifying that so stop trying. You wrecked your own family not him so stop feeding those lies to those children because they’re just going to end up resenting you in the end. Take responsibility for your actions and stop being bitter!

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on May 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dear Bio-Mom”

  1. It’s difficult to deal with people who lie about you or a loved one. Praying it improves.

  2. I don’t really know what to say here, I had to read the letter twice. I wonder how you know that this woman is not really a lesbian? And why it matters? I also really hope that race is honestly not an issue here. That is so sad if it is and I’m sure that angers you. It sounds like your boyfriend has custody of the children? Since he is filing them on his taxes?
    I really hope things get better for you and I know how hard it must be to care about someone’s children and then to have their parent say things about you that aren’t true or are just inappropriate.
    Why don’t you block your Facebook pages so that she can’t get any information on you or your boyfriend? That might make your life easier.

  3. Yes, lock down your facebook! I have a certain amount of sympathy for you, but really – feeling superior because you’re taller? really? and you’re calling her a child!

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