Dear Step-Son

Your father loves you more than you will ever know. It is not his fault that he is the only biological parent supporting you. He is not heartless nor is he selfish. His hard earned money goes to you and your sibling in order for you to have nice things.  He never had the things you have growing up. All the name brand things he wore to school when he was 12 were bought with his own money that he earned working for people in the neighborhood. He can’t help the fact that the money given to your mother each month is not used wisely. He supports you in more ways than you know. Do you know how much gas money he spends a month to take you and your sibling places because there is no one else to drive you to appointments and extracurricular activities? You don’t see your father as much as you would like because he has to work. He wants you to grow up and learn to not be afraid of work. He wants you to be a humble man that will always lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He wants you to work hard for all the things you have in your life. Take good care of all the new things you receive…money doesn’t grow on trees. “Thank you” is such a powerful phrase. I hope and pray that you will be able to look at your father one day and say “Thank you” because he has truly sacrificed more than you will ever know for you and your sibling to be able to enjoy life…even if you are not enjoying it with him.

With Love,

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on January 11, 2011.

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