Dear Voldemort (Bio-Mom)

I have never known true love until I met my husband. He has given me that gift. I have never known true hate until I met you. My husband also gave me this curse.

You are the kind of human being that makes people think people should have a license to breed. You are selfish and despicable. You have proven to everyone you know that you are not worthy of the gift of life you’ve been given. You’ve stolen from those who have loved you and you have unfairly risked and ruined lives around you.

With the disease you have you know full well that having another child will reduce your life span, and, still, you have decided to do so. Once you have a child your life is no longer your own, and you willingly cut down the time your son has with his mother, for what? So that you can trap your boyfriend in the same way you tried to trap my husband? You struggle with the idea that you might not be able to see your son reach adulthood, and now you seal that fate by reproducing again? You doom not one, but two children to a life without a mother? How can you sleep at night?

I’m not very religious, but I do believe that we all answer for our sins. I am amazed that someone so close to death is unafraid of the consequences of her actions. As if taking away a child’s mother isn’t bad enough, your condition is genetic. Is your mother love so shallow that you would risk passing this awful disease on to someone you are supposed to love? This unborn child you carry may very well have to face the same fears you’ve been facing since your late teens. Why would you do that? What purpose could this serve? Or do you not even think of these things?

One would think that someone like you would have a disposition of love and care, but no, not you. You are hateful, vengeful and spiteful. You chose to have a child that you didn’t even know belonged to my husband and you strip him of all of the parental rights he has. You take away everything that would make him a father.

I hate that you exist. I hate that you continue to copy yourself. I hate that you are a part of my life. My only hope is that you die before my daughter has a chance to know anything about you. I hope that you go before this child you’re carrying has a chance to become like you.

You are disgrace to mothers.

Very few people will mourn you.

My only wish is that I had the courage to tell you that we will be glad when you go, and our only sadness at your passing will be that you ever were able to affect my stepson.

With no affection whatsoever,


~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on December 8, 2010.

One Response to “Dear Voldemort (Bio-Mom)”

  1. Your story is so full of emotion…. and boy do I know that feeling. You have painted a pretty clear picture of someone who is selfish and terrible, and I hope that with this letter you were able to get all of your feelings out towards her. The funny thing about hate is that it can often consume the one who feels the emotion while having no effect on the person it is directed to.
    I sincerely hope that things get better for you, and that you can learn to live with more happiness in your life. Not that your feelings are unjustified, just that they won’t help YOU live YOUR life.

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