Dear fiance’s ex-wife

One day you decided you would rather be single, and walked out on your 3 year old son,  and husband of four years. You willingly made that choice. I’m so angry at you for all your stupidity, but at the same time, you opened the door for me.

Now, after your ex husband finds me, and is marrying me, you want your old life back. “My heart was confused, I can be the best mommy and wife ever”. Is that so? So, your going to support your family again on your part time job? Is that before or after your out getting drunk? You might be that child’s bio mother, but you will never be a real mom. A real mom would have fought tooth and nail over signing all rights of her child other to his father. A real mom would have cared more about that then her “party time”. Do you honestly think people are going to feel bad about you not having your son when you went around telling them that? the only thing you have ever done good in your life is carry that child. You only want to be a mother when it’s convenient for you. If that wasn’t true, you’d ask to see him more then once a month.

And then you have the nerve to come attack me? I care for YOUR son 24/7. I feed him. I bathe him. I play with him. I love him. And you attack me. I’ve been around your son more in the past three days then you have been in the past SIX MONTHS. how you could possibly say the things you do about the woman who cares for your child boggles my mind.

Also, by the way, my fiance is your ex for a reason. Your pathetic ass is not wanted around here at all. So the asking if you can have your family back…isn’t happening…unless you want me there too. I offer both of them more then you EVER could. You found them an apartment. Were moving into a house we just bought next month. My fiance and his grandfather bought you a car (which you never paid for and it got repoed). I just bought a brand new car with my fiance, no need for grandpas help. You decided you wanted to be a babysitter…at 24 years old. I’m 20 and in medical school. You’re an uneducated piece of trash. Nothing you could ever do would let them be as secure as they both are in my care. It will never happen, so, back off chins.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on December 2, 2010.

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