Dear Sweet Stepchildren

I am writing today in hopes to express how much love I have for the three of you and the sadness I feel at the separation.  I do hope you understand that it was never my intention to leave you, but staying with your father was not an option.  I have seen so little of you this last year it breaks my heart into pieces to know that you are growing so fast and I am not witness to the magic in your eyes.  I did not think that your father would make it so hard for me to see you.  I truly thought he understood how deeply I cared for you.  But it seems that to him I am easily replaceable and what I built with you matters not in the end.  Please know that many nights I spent sleepless as your stepmom, crying for you three, trying for you three, planning birthdays, holidays, special days and giving the credit to your dad.  I am sorry that I was late in understanding that it was not my role. Those were the things your father needed to do, while I cheered from the sidelines, not the other way around.  All of the changes he made over the years, I thought they were his own and it brings sadness to my heart to see it all slipping away.   Stepson, I love you and it warms my heart and dries my eyes to hear you return this love to me.  Stepdaughters, I know you love me deeply; I understand your loyalty and desire to be unconditionally accepted by your father so your hugs mean more than the world to me.   You three are always in my heart as my stepchildren, and if I had the world to give, then I would do so gladly.  I hope for your sake that your father starts to focus on you rather than trying to find another woman to do the job, but this does not seem to be something he is capable of.  I know he loves you and I am sorry his choices do not reflect back all the love you deserve.  Thank you for the joy and heartache you have given me.  You three have helped me become a stronger woman with a fuller heart.  My heart, my arms, my home is always open to you all.

With my deepest love,
Your Stepmom.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on November 29, 2010.

One Response to “Dear Sweet Stepchildren”

  1. That is a beautiful letter and so heartbreaking. I get the feeling they know you love them and they just may be a part of your life again as they grow older and their father has less influence.

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