To My Husband

I feel extremely hurt by you!!! You seem to care for yourself really more than anyone.

It seems. Something is not right in your heart and there is nothing anyone can do to fix this problem you have. Not X getting better grades and trying to become the perfect person you want her to be. Same as Y. It might make it a little easier but that part of your heart is still dark. Only god and prayer can help.

These are my children and I do not want you to mistreat them as you would not want me to mistreat your child. For a long time you have been extremely critical with X and Y. In return I have been critical of you. You have put a wedge between your child and X’s relationship. Treating X the way you have has made her an outcast to your child.

You have made X  resent your child because you constantly compare them. There has been a damper on your child and I’ relationship also. I love her so much and when you treat X and Y the way you do I don’t get as close to your child as I would like to.

You are not always this way but it seems when Y is here its his turn and when he is gone it is X. Your child forgets to do things as well. You saw it first hand yesterday morning. These are our children and they are each very special in their own ways. And they deserve to be treated kindly. You cause the children to resent eachother.

I do not know what to do about this. We need counseling very badly. There was no way after today that I was going to sleep in the house. I think a little chilling out is fair enough. I am not going to keep walking on eggshells in our home.

I am worried about what you might get mad about. I am your wife you do not treat me like your wife. And you do not talk about things with me anymore. I am not going to be second to you anymore. I deserve respect from you! We should not be living this way. We should be happy with this family everyone of them in it. When we have issues we address them but we shouldnt hold resentments toward eachother. Or grudges. There should be forgiveness. Selfishness needs to go. We are grown adults. Not teenagers.

If you want to be a child then go ahead. I do not . I want to grow and prosper into a loving well rounded family that is Christ-centered. I cant live the way we are. There has to be change!

Your wife

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on November 18, 2010.

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