To My Stepkids’ Mother

You sure know how to put on the Oscar-worthy Mother of The Year performances.

But my husband and I know the truth. How could you think we wouldn’t?

I have many beefs with you, so to speak, but as it happens the most vexatious to me currently is the crap food you feed your kids. Do you actually give any thought at all to their growing bodies, to nutrition, to their individual needs? You don’t need to answer that because I already know the answer is no.

Your daughter does not eat lunch because of her medications. You know this. Your son is overweight. You know this also.

Why on earth do you give them Pop-Tarts and Starbucks muffins and cinnamon rolls for breakfast every day? What kind of lazy, selfish moron does that? Even kids without weight and appetite problems need protein, fruit, maybe some yogurt to start their day.

It’s not really all that much work to scramble up some eggs, cut up some fruit, and pop open a yogurt. Yet day after day they come to our house with Pop-Tarts or other junk food in hand.

They gleefully told me and my mom last week that you often give them cookies and cake for breakfast., and sometimes even just candy. “We love it!” they shouted. Of course they do. But it doesn’t make it good for them, and it doesn’t make it right.

Don’t even get me started on what you pack in their lunches. Not that it matters, your daughter doesn’t touch any of that junk anyway.

I’m just curious: is it laziness? It’s just too much effort to cook a real breakfast in the morning? Stupidity, maybe—perhaps you truly know nothing about common sense nutrition? Or is it just more of the same thing we constantly see with you being your typical selfish self, too wrapped up in your own “happiness” to give a rip? I suspect it’s probably all three.

Yet you never fail to put on the Perfect Mother Persona to anyone who will pay attention, especially doctors and teachers and other professionals involved with the children.

But we know the truth. And someday, your children will too.


Your Children’s Stepmother

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on August 5, 2010.

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