My Dearest Stepdaughter

When your parents were getting divorced, your mother abandoned Dog. She left Dog alone in the backyard of your old house for at least three weeks, maybe more, only going every few days to feed her. Your dad was waiting for your mother to give Dog to him and did not know that she left Dog alone at the house she had already moved out of.

Dog was nearly starved: she lost 1/3 of her weight. Read that again: ONE-THIRD. Dog should have weighed 75 pounds, and she only weighed 49.

Can you imagine how lonely and scared Dog must have been? Long days and long nights alone in the yard, wondering if anyone was going to come back for her? How hungry and thirsty she must have been on the days your mother didn’t come? Think about it. All at the hands of your mother.

I know you don’t know any of this (yet) and your dad doesn’t feel it’s appropriate for us to tell you the truth about it (yet). But this is why it really enrages me when your mother comes by our house and you say “Mommy, Dog wants to see you, she misses her real mommy” and “Here, Dog, here Dog, come see your real mommy!”

Cut it out.  NOW.

Your Stepmother

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on August 5, 2010.

One Response to “My Dearest Stepdaughter”

  1. wow I bet that is hard to stomach. Wish I could give you some advice on how to deal with. If noone else sees it, I’m sure that poor animal is grateful to you…

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