Dear Bio-Mom,

I’m writing this letter to you here because if I actually sent it to you, then all he** would break loose.

I know you are upset that my husband cheated on you.

I know that you are hurting.

I know that you don’t like my husband or me, even though I am not the other woman and didn’t even meet my husband until it your marriage had been over for two years.

You have two precious kids who are 6 and 8. I will never be able to have kids of my own. I know that you’re their mom, and I would never try to take your place. But these kids can sense that you are really angry.

You have every right to be hurt and angry. You are entitled to feel the way you do about my husband and myself. What you don’t have the right to do is make your children suffer any more than they have to (because divorce and getting a stepparent are hard enough on kids anyhow).

We have the kids every weekend. We pay you $700 a month for the kids. You choose not to work. That’s your choice. You told me in an email that I’m “pi$$ed off that we have to pay you so much money.” You’re right. I don’t like that one bit. Even though you don’t work (and the kids are in school full-time), we could still tolerate giving you $700 a month if we knew that you’d use it for the kids.

You tell the kids that their Daddy left the whole family. He did not leave the kids. He left you. I don’t think a man who pays $700 a month in child support, pays all their medical bills, covers them on his insurance, calls his kids every night, and fights to see them is a man who left his children

You even admitted to me that you act this way because you hate my husband and are mad at him. And you’re right, he should hae filed for divorce instead of cheating on you. However, you emotionally abused him for years. You emotionally abuse everyone in your life. That’s why your family has helped my husband fight for those kids. That’s why they are friends with him, and don’t speak to you. Yes, they were angry at him for cheating on you, but ultimately, they did what is best for the kids and helped their dad be in their lives, because despite my husband’s flaws and wrongdoings, he loves the kids more than anything or anyone.

Your kids know I’m not their mom, but they love me and come to me because they know I will always be there for them, support them, give them the best advice they can, love them, comfort them, and listen to them without judging them. I will give them hugs and kisses, make sure they have a phenomenal environment when they are here, make sure they eat healthy food, etc. They aren’t 12 yet but they will be sooner than you think and they are already asking us to come live here. We’d be happy to have them.

We are taking you to court is because you will not listen to my husband when he says that the kids need counseling. THOSE KIDS NEED COUNSELING. They are hurt, damaged and emotionally wounded. We are taking you to court because we have had to call CPS on you too many times. We have had to call your parents and family members. You left a 6-and-8-year-old alone in the grocery store for 4 hours while you went to do goodness knows what. Thank God (literally) that the 8-year-old called your folks, who then called my husband at work. Thank God that store has a video surveillance camera and has footage of the kids being left alone. Thank God for the wonderful employee who went to her manager and reported what was going on and thank God they called the authorities. Thank God my husband was able to get them before you surfaced so they did not have to see you being led away in handcuffs. We are taking you to court for custody. Even if we don’t win, perhaps it will scare you into behaving and getting these kids proper help.

Please, even if only for yourself, get yourself professional help and start being a better parent to your kids.


The Stepmom

~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on May 7, 2010.

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