Dear Bio-Mom

Just wanted to say thank you for being homeless and basically throwing your daughter away.  You left her in the courthouse lobby alone.  That was the end of the rope for you. You will never get another chance.

Yes, I’m there to pick up the pieces. You should be thanking me that I’m there to save your child from living in the gutter, but you’d rather not.  I’m well aware you gave birth to her, but a mother you are anything but.  Our dog is more of a mamma to her than you ever have been or ever will be.

Thank you for lying to her as much as you do and telling her all the wild stories that you do- she doesnt believe a word of it.  That is one smart 8 year old.  Are you aware that she knows how to play adults like a fiddle?

Thank you for being as completely and utterly stupid as you are.  Do you honestly think I’m just the quiet little wifey who sits by and watches all this? Guess again.  It was me- all of it.  I am the smoking gun, not your ex.  I was the one  you were talking to on the internet.  The guy you never laid eyes on but said you loved after three days and a few chats? That was me.  Was that cruel? Absolutely, but we had to get our information somehow, didnt we?

You chose not to communicate to your ex,and knowing you are as unstable and insane as you are we had to know what was going on. You’d tell a perfect stranger, but not the father of your child. So we went a different way based on your lack of cooperation.

Now that you are homless and couldnt tell the truth if your life depended on it, yes, you have yet another internet friend…yes, its me again!   One again, I don’t like to decieve anyone, but if you were being honest about your intentions, your living situation, anything, we’d not have to sneak around.  I don’t get much of a rise from doing this.  Have you noticed your new friend asks some pretty specific questions? No, friend really has no sympathy for your situation, but I know if friend were to spark one iota of not telling you that you are right and the rest of the world is screwed, you’d lose interest and stop talking. That’s okay.  Friend will always tell you exactly what you want to hear.

Thanks for underestimating me…best thing you ever did.

Now on to your boyfriend- hon, he’s over 100 lbs overweight for the military-look up the requirements on the website! He  has been for the two years he’s been promising you the military and he’s still gaining.  He’s stringing you along for some God known reason.  He’s not joining the military.  He’s not on any kind of delay or hold whatever he tells you.he’s not enlisted, he’s not sworn in…  He’s not going to get a job, he’s not going to the military. Period.  He is waiting for you to get a job, support yourself, your children and his worthless.

I’d like to take a moment to inform you of the child support laws in our area.  Yes, I do know them well.  You are ordered to pay over $500 a month.  In 60 years from now, that will still be over your head. My husband and I may be long dead and gone, but child support goes on until the death of your daughter.   It doesn’t go away…neither will we.  Any money you make, whether it be disability or a job, inheritance, taxes, lottery, anything,  you will be garnished for the rest of your life.  In the meantime, the laws govern that you’re not going to have a lot of freedoms in life.  It will be reported on your credit, so anywhere you try will know you are a deadbeat mom.  They will suspend your drivers license.  No more driving, and that exotic honeymoon to Aruba you are planning with the boyfriend who wont marry you? Nope – you will not be issued a passport.  You told your new internet friend that you will not work to give money to your ex.  That’s okay…your daughter knows I support her  and buy her what she needs. Like I said, she’s not dumb.

Whenever our finances are tight, or I’m stressed or burned out from raising someone else’s child, I think of you and your boyfriend piled in his tiny car freezing.  It makes me smile- not because you are getting what you deserve, but because you brought this 1000% on yourself.  Go ahead and blame me, the garbage can, the dog, Obama, or Nancy Kerrigan, but you did this to yourself…but thank you for being delusional and hateful.

With all your hangups, it makes my job so much easier.
I love Karma.



~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on February 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dear Bio-Mom”

  1. omg that is horrendous! she may be scum but you are wrong lady

  2. Anon, please enlighten us: what do you mean by “you are wrong lady” ?

  3. sure why wld she pretend to be a man and fake a relationship eith her? she justifies it in that she needs to know her whereabouts. I think she is borderline obsessed with her. thats that

  4. You Go MOM! I agree with you wholeheartedly… The biowitch in our case has poisoned the SD and we have been unable to prove all she has done and is doing. She hired and paid a hitman $5,000 to kill my husband, but he didn’t do it and narced on her. Was she held accountable? Nope! My SD is lost to us and I wish I had been able to do what you did! Bravo!

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