Dear Ex-wife

I have never before taken the opportunity to thank you, which I will do now. Thank you for not appreciating the wonderful man whom is now my husband. The only reason he married you was that he felt sorry for you because you were knocked up yet again as a teen, and sadly, this time he was the victim of your trap to get out of your father’s house. He had no idea that for nine years he would cry in bed every night that God would deliver him from the hell of being married to you.

Thank you, Ex-wife, for being a selfish whore who could not keep your spring loaded legs closed. Throughout the duration of your marriage to my husband, other men would approach him on the street to let him know “it wasn’t me with your wife last night that was my friend.” He even caught you and his biological father in a rather intimate moment. When he finally got sick of sleeping on the sofa, he moved downstairs. How nice of you to let him know that you were dating and intended on bringing your men home to screw while he slept downstairs and your children were across the hall.

Thank you for the emotional terrorism you inflicted upon my husband the duration of his marriage to you. If he had not endured such horror, he would not have realized when a real woman came into his life, married me, and is blissfully happy.

Thank you for being a hateful narcissist. You have destroyed any chance of a relationship with the daughter you share with my husband. If you were not so sick and selfish, I would not benefit from having such a great relationship with your daughter. I am sad for her that she will never know what it is like to have a real mother, but I am happy that I can help her repair the damage you have inflicted upon her. I am also am the lucky one who gets to give your daughter unconditional love, trust, and believe in her while you treat her as if she is invisible, and are as cold to her as a block of ice. I am glad that her dad and I get to be the ones to allow her to have normal teen experiences instead of being locked in your prison. I am also happy that I will enjoy sharing in her adult future, as she will have nothing to do with you after she is legally free of your prison.

Thank you, Ex-wife, for letting yourself go and looking 15 years older than you actually are. In addition to the many reasons, my husband is so thankful to be married to me, it is nice to know that even though I am seven years older than you are I look 15 years younger than you, and I am hotter than you could ever dream of being. I have also gotten to be the one to show your former husband what is real love.

Thank you for being the hateful shrew that you are so good at being. If you were not who you are then you would never have turned half of my husband’s family against you, and I would not benefit from having a good relationship with them. If you were not such a controlling, sick wench, I would also not benefit from having a wonderful friendship with your daughter’s boyfriend and his family.

Thank you for posting every single thing you do online, so that my husband and everyone else is aware that you have “murderous rages” toward him, and that you wish you were the type of person to off him. I know you claim to be a “parenting expert,” and that you have degrees in relationship psychology, too bad, you have no clients. I find it interesting that you brag about having this degree, yet your parents refuse to have anything to do with you, you have no relationship with your brother, your current husband’s family tolerates you, and you have driven your children away.

Thank you ex-wife for if it were not for your dysfunctional stupidity I would not have the most amazing life right now!

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on December 22, 2009.

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  1. Fantastic!!!

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