To My Husband’s Ex-Wife

You have done a lot of crappy things (I could write a book!), but one of the worst things you did was to abandon the dog—literally. We’re not sure exactly how long you left her alone at the house, checking every few days, but we’re pretty sure it was at least a couple of weeks. The only reason we found out she was alone is because she escaped and the neighbor called. Why didn’t you just ask us to go get her? You knew we were going to take her once the house was sold anyway. There was no reason to leave her there alone, except your own selfishness, and habit of being concerned only for yourself. By the way, I know you prefer your animals to be on the skinny side, but the dog was 25 pounds underweight when we got her…25 pounds! She was definitely malnourished, no wonder she tried to run away. And it really pisses me off every time you come to our house and mention how “fat” she’s getting…no, she’s not fat, she’s finally getting the right amount to eat, on a daily basis! The vet says her current weight is exactly what it should be.

It’s not a shock that now we have some pretty significant separation anxiety problems with her. It is really pitiful, you can see the panic in her eyes when she is having an anxiety attack. She’s even on puppy prozac, but we have a long way to go with her to fix what you wrought.

I know it never even crosses your mind the way you mistreated her, or the fallout that we are dealing with, but I hope someday karma bites you in the butt. How dare you treat a helpless animal like that! Someday I hope someone is as mean to you as you were to her.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on October 27, 2009.

One Response to “To My Husband’s Ex-Wife”

  1. This post makes me feel sick. So heartbreaking ! Your poor dog !

    Thank God you & hubby are taking tender care of it. I hope it makes a full recovery.

    Big hugs.

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