Dear Stepdog

I know your first human “mom” abandoned you and left you all alone, and you were lonely and scared and hungry. My heart breaks to think about what you went through, and so unnecessarily as we wanted you all along and we didn’t know you were alone. We are doing the best we can to help you with your anxiety and other issues. We have hired an expert trainer to help us all learn how to be a successful pack. I am trying hard to be patient, kind, and understanding of you.

But the fact is you are making me crazy with some of your behaviors and my patience is running very thin! You cannot keep destroying my stuff; you cannot keep pushing my elderly dog or the cats out of the way when they are getting attention; you cannot keep stealing food off the counter/table/trash/directly out of the children’s hands; you cannot keep jumping on people/slapping them with your paws/bumping them with your wet nose when you want attention; you cannot keep taking tissues out of the bathroom trash and shredding them; and most of all you cannot keep freaking out and doing the “devil dog scream” when we see other dogs on our walks. It is scary, embarrassing, and dangerous.

We are trying so hard to help you. We want you to feel safe and loved because you ARE safe and loved. We will never abandon you, and you will never be left alone, we promise you. Please trust us. Please just chill out.

All my love,

Your new forever human mom

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on October 27, 2009.

One Response to “Dear Stepdog”

  1. Awesome!! Rescuing dogs is a very noble thing. Bless you and your new fur-child! Hang in there. We both know that these dogs ended up like that because someone else gave up on them. You can do it!

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