Dear Stepdaughters

When I met you, you were 4,6 and 8. You were sweet girls and I could tell you adored your Dad as he did you.  We did a lot together as a “family” even before your Dad and I married.  Once we got married, life revolved around our kids, but  because I had my own daughter who lived with myself and your Dad,  I have always felt you were jealous. Because of this your Dad and I have always strived to make things as fair as we could.  While I have always understood how hard that would be for the three of you to have Daddy living with us,  unfortunately over the years the jealousy in my opinion has led to a wall between my daughter and the three of you. Things have been said and done that have been unfair and mean and I have come to the point of intoleration.  You are now 16,18 and 21, Life is short, and I am coming to wits end as your stepsister is hurt, and sad…you will all be leaving the roost soon and I want everything to be better before all hope is lost.

Love Step Mom

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on October 19, 2009.

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