Dear Bio Mom,

I wish we could have a decent relationship for the sake of my stepdaughter. You have made accusations that were very hurtful and really showed your true colors. I want you to know that because of all of this I have become a stronger person. My relationship with my husband has been war but we have stayed together fighting this war as a couple should do. I want you to know how disrespectful you are to your daughter and your ex-husband. I’m not sure if you even care and the type of person that I know you are you most likely don’t care. Why do you feel the need to use my stepdaughter as a weapon to hurt me and my husband? I don’t understand why you would go that low and hurt your daughter like you have been. You take me to court for spanking your daughter, I admit that was a BIG wrong on my part and I have learned from it, I just wish you would move past it.

I busted my ass going to parenting classes, anger management classes and I bought 7 books and did reports on them and even offered to sit down with you and your husband to show you that I do care. Still that wasn’t enough for you.

I love my stepdaughter and I want what’s best for her. I know you are out to get money and I know your a physical liar. You’re telling people that I beat my stepdaughter and that I did a sexual act on her. I want to tell you know that I would never do that to her…If I even had that thought come into my mind I would kill myself! How dare you accuse me of such things??? And to you even having a thought about that makes you a sick sick mother that would even think about that. Yes it happens to some people but to disrespect me like that I can’t allow you to do that.

I did post pictures of you on the internet. You’re fat, ugly and have some droopy, stretched marked skin. Yes I felt like I was releasing some anger against you. Since I can’t see my SD anymore I guess I’ll try to make it worth it. Did I try to accomplish anything when I did that. No, but I must say it felt nice to know that you were upset at it.

I’m tired of sitting back and letting you attack me like you have been. From now on I can’t just sit back and let you treat me like this. I have tried and tried to be a good person and I tried to blow you off and the comments you have made. But I can’t anymore.

Maybe I am stooping to your level and honestly I don’t care right now. I really hope you die during child birth because I know my life would be so much better. Would I feel bad for my SD? No because I know I could be a much better person to her than you ever could be.

I hope some day we can both grow up and realize that neither one of us is going to leave and we have to except that and move on.

The Stepmother of My Husbands Daughter.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on August 24, 2009.

One Response to “Dear Bio Mom,”

  1. dont feel bad for feeling that way. all of us stepmoms have to suck up so much bs “for the sake of the child”. We all feel the same way. Good luck to you

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