Dear Husband’s Ex Wife

Ugh! I could not be any more tired of hearing your freaking NAME!! If it is not hearing from you calling EVERY DAY(which is outrageous if you ask me) to check on SC, then SC is bringing up your name or even better still when someone asks who I am married to and they say “Oh yeah. He used to be married to ____, right?) UGH! Hello! I am right here! I do it better than you, look better than you, am nicer than you and yet people still persist to compare us. I know you can’t control the fact that when I take SC somewhere people come up to him that I don’t know and start up convos. I know you can’t control it and I know he can’t either and I try SO HARD not to get mad about it. So I don’t allow myself and in turn, every time it happens, it makes me ill. Literally. Sick to my stomach. I vomited while we were shopping the other day after I damn near passed out in the aisle.

I would probably tell you these things, as a friend and ask you for help but I know you will only gloat about it. Because everything is a competition with you. Everything. Your insecurities show through when you won’t let me do anything for your child. SO scared that he may love someone else besides you so you have to control every little detail. What team he plays ball on, the number he has on the team…hell, you won’t even allow us to buy his school supplies! Do you know how many women I am friends with who have dead beat dads to deal with and would love to have a man like my husband to turn to for help? Yet, you push him (and me) away and spend your husband’s money on another man’s kid….I wonder how long your hubby is going to swallow that pill before he spits it back in your face! But yet I persist bc I refuse to allow you to push me out of the way. Even if it kills me. You just don’t know. I am a fighter and always have been and you have bit off more than you can chew.

And I want you to know. When my husband calls you every day, he isn’t calling to talk to you. He is calling to check on his son. Not to check on you. So don’t go cookoo next time he misses a day and you text 5 times wondering, as though it were a personal rejection of you. It wasn’t. We were at the lake and he had no signal. God! I can’t believe you went so crazy just because he missed a day! You just wouldn’t let it go would you? It was two days later and you were STILL asking him about it! It’s kinda funny and helped to prove my point to hubby though, how hung up on him you still are. And please stop asking him what we did that day. It really is none of your business. I know SC is your child and you have a right to know about his well being, but what my family is doing every minute is none of your business bc like it or not….this is MY family now. You know, the daughter he and I have together that you always wanted. Looks just like her Daddy doesn’t she? So stop trying to control us and using SC to do it. It only makes it hard on him. Not me

PS  You and your hubby’s new tattoos make you look even more trashy than before and hubby laughed his ass off that you were trying to show it off! And PSS I did get your picture in that email (lmao) No offense but if I looked like that, I would NOT be posing for pics! I thought you already had that kid???

~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on July 30, 2009.

One Response to “Dear Husband’s Ex Wife”

  1. I completely understand what you are saying. And its unfortunate that we have to endure what we do for the children. I know many of your same issues are mine as well. The everyday talk is about the child and only the child. But somehow the ex tries to change it and talk about whatever is going on in their life. And our men, being nice, go along with it, so not to cause any waves for their kid. Its crap. There definately needs to be some kind of boundary set. Just to get those boundaries in place seems like it takes forever and makes everyone miserable in the process. So like I said, I do understand where you are coming from.

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