Dear Bio Mom

I would be happy to discuss everything I have done or am doing now for your children. Feel free to call any time.


The woman who babysits, feeds, comforts, disciplines, provides housing for your children.

~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on June 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dear Bio Mom”

  1. Mine would be something like,
    “I would be happy to discuss everything I do with and for my step-daughters. Please call me when you have questions about what size they wear, who their friends and teachers are, and what their favorite colors are, because clearly, you haven’t the faintest idea and aren’t interested in finding out.
    The woman who baths, dresses, feeds, comforts, supports, disciplines, checks homework, attends P-T conferences, teaches, and provides health/vision/dental care, clean clothing, and a clean house for your children.”

    I feel your pain.

  2. Heh…mine would be “You’re welcome”. 😛

  3. i CONCUR… mom is pissed that daughter is going to summer school which she desperately needs according to teachers because it cuts into her camping time…she refuses to drive her to and from summer school whereas i will be doing this and leaving work to do so…..she is a selfish person who only cares about her own fun and bio dad lets her control everything cuz it’s easier…it causes a constant rift in our marriage…and i cant sit back and let the kid’s grades go down the tub because mom would rather go camping on the weekend or watch Desperate Housewives then help her daughter with her homework……it’s very difficult being a stepmom when Dad is not on board or just tells me to suck it up and just wait until she turns 18 and then he wont have to deal with the Mother….what is this control stuff anyways…i had to suggest tutors, summer school and the daughter welcomed the help with open arms as she acknowledges the fact that she needs it..i’ve tried to sit back and say nothing and do nothing but i care deeply for this girl who needs direction…It took me 4 years and now she is almost 15, for her to pick up after herself, make her bed, etc. as her Mom’s home is a pig sty…….

    • I also got my SD into summer school last summer. She needed it and she lives with us during the summer. She does not normally attend in school in our district, but after talking to a lot of people and getting some strings pulled I was able to get her in. My husband talked to the bio mom and she agreed it would be good for her. Bio mom called to see how SD first day of school went. But then two days later I get a call at work from the school about how Bio Mom called the school and threw a big stink about how I had enrolled her daughter with out her knowledge in this school. Keep in mind this is the school my children also attend and I am active in my children’s schooling.

      So I took the not my kid, not my problem approch this summer. I did not bother to pull strings to get her in the program. I figure she has two parents who are nearly 10 years older than I am, they can handle it. My husband was upset I didn’t put her in it, but I did tell him ahead of time I would not be. Bio mom called my husband and asked him to put her in it again. He told her flat out that after what she pulled last year, that if she wanted her in it that was fine, we would make sure she got there and would help her with the homework, etc. BUT she would have to enroll her. Did she? Nope, to much work to call and enroll her, but not to much work to call them and complain that I had.

      I get sick of doing all these nice things for SD and treating her like my one of my own daughters and all bio mom can do is complain. Then when I don’t do it she complains, yet she can’t be bother to do anything for SD? It just seem crazy!!

  4. I can relate to this too. My stepdaughter is 2 1/2 and we have her 50% of the time. I bath her, comb her hair, feed her, teach her, etc. I do it all because I love my husband and my stepdaughter, but every time her mother disrespects me and what I do, it makes me want to stop what I do because it’s not appreciated. I don’t understand why she would rather me hate her child than love her like she was my own.

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