Dear Boyfriend

Since the day we met on our blind date, I knew there was something about you that had me hooked. You were sweet and kind and put me first and that felt so great. You surprised me with flowers at work and short visits with coffee, god that drove me crazy… Crazy in a good way I wanted you and loved the attention you paid to me.
Over the last two years of living with each other and your children I have grown to love them as my own when they are with us, I have provided and maintained our home for you an them out of love and love alone. I miss the children when they are gone and cannot wait until the day they come back to us. I love our outdoor time and our movie nights.
We don’t really go out anymore, or have date night even when the kids are not with us, you don’t surprise me with flowers, or coffee anymore and I feel a little left out.
This weekend is mothers day and the kids are leaving us tomorrow. No one has mentioned me or acknowledged me as a step mother this year and that makes me sad. I don’t need a gift or a card a simple I love you would be enough.

The saddest part about all of this, is that everything I have done over the last two years has been driven by me implanting myself into your family, everything I do I think of our family first and not me. I do this because I love you and the children.
I know you will never see this letter, and if I do not voice this to you this problem will not get fixed, but that is just it… you should have already seen this problem coming and got off your ass and fixed it. but you did not do that..
So now on Mothers day, I will pretend that this is not eating at me inside, and move on to our mothers and help them enjoy there day because I will remember this day for them so you do not forget.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on May 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dear Boyfriend”

  1. I could have written this. I’m dreading mothers day.

    I feel pessimistic but I just know he won’t even think to do something special for mothers day- and the kids are too young to do anything on their own.

    I never think of myself as a step mother. I am their mom… except on mothers day.

  2. Dear J
    I know how you are feeling and I wanted to send you a quick note to say you are a wonderful person and you need to be told that, I can tell that you are a caring loving step mom who would put the children first before her. I have come to terms that I am not the childrens replacement mother but I am a person who will help create the people they will be, they may not see that now but one day they will. I too am not feeling so great about this mothers day but I am here to tell you, you are a GREAT Step MOM!!! here is to you on this mothers day!!! for all your hard work and love you have given them.

    From one Super Step Mom to another

    Happy Mothers Day! Cheers to you.. my friend….

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