Dear Bio Mom

I wanted to write you yesterday and tell you what I thought of you, but I was busy at my excellent-pay-excellent-benefits-full-time job that helps pay for your children’s needs and wants.  Then I went home to the house which I have finally cleaned your stink out of, where FDH and I made dinner for your children, did your children’s laundry, and helped them with their homework (unlike you, I have no need to send a note to the kindergarten teacher saying that I couldn’t understand the homework so I couldn’t help my child; heck, I can even help the 5th grader!).  While we ate dinner we all talked about our days, what we did at work and school, and about bugs and horses.

After dinner I sat down with our BM file and started pulling things together for your latest stunt when your daughter came in and asked if she could help me (bless her little soul!).  When I said that there wasn’t anything she could help me with (unlike you, I do not involve them in adult matters), she asked if she could brush my hair.  Your daughter and I spent over an hour brushing, styling, and “washing” each other’s hair (“I’m going to leave these pieces down; they will look beautiful.”) then we did makeovers too.  She said it was our own salon.  She even chose to stay with me rather than play with her father and siblings.  We spent this whole time talking about girl things–fun and silly, serious and important.  This morning she asked if we could play salon again tonight.

So, you see, BM, I’m feeling so happy today that I am being nice to everyone–even you, you worthless excuse for a mother.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on February 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Dear Bio Mom”

  1. I love this letter! You are an awesome StepMom! I too feel the same way.

  2. Standing Ovation from this corner!

  3. Wanna share some happy juice? 😉

  4. This is exactly what Sparenting is all about. Being a supportive adult influence, example, confidant, advocate mentor and even disciplinarian when neccessary.

    Thanks for the inspirational testimony.

    Best regards,

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