Sperm Donor

Well, after perpetrating statutory rape on a 16-year-old child (though you were never charged because my wife’s father refused to press charges) when you were 22 and leaving her and your child for another 16-year-old child the young woman and child you threw away have turned out to be incredible people in spite of your idiocy.

The 16-year-old single mother that you abandoned went on to finish high school with her class, attended college and completed a double major with a BS in both Accounting and Management with honors, completed graduate school with an MBA also with honors and went on to take and pass the CPA exam.

The tow headed little guy you abandoned I have raised as my own son and is now in a top boarding school, that I pay for because you cannot even pay your own bills, and is well on his way to being a man of character and respected standing in society.

These two amazing people were your refuse. I married that young lady and she is now my wife and has been since a year after you left her and your child to perpetrate yet another statutory rape on an adoring 16-year-old child.

When I married her I agreed to become your child’s Father. Though he looks and sounds like you he is mine now. He thinks like I do, believes like I do, values what I do, and has as much respect for you as I do ……. NONE! I was the first person he called “Daddy” though he would point at your picture on the wall and say “Daddy” in the first few months his Mom and I began dating. Guess what? You were not there. I was.

I was there when he learned to use the toilet, I was there when he learned to read because I was the man that taught him, learned to write because I was the man that taught him, I taught him to ride his bike, I taught him to be respectful to his elders, I coached his sports teams, officiated his sports leagues, attended every parent teacher conference, school play, band concert, football game, and picked up his date’s and shuttled them to and from every school dance.

I have been there for him since he was 15 months old and I will be there for him long after my life is over. Because I am his real Dad. You were just his sperm donor.

Now for you …… after you abandoned them in that rat hole of a nasty travel trailer you had them living in, the mother of your oldest child proved her mettle. She did those things I have already mentioned.

What have you done? Lets recap your pathetic life. You went on to father three more out of wedlock children with two more young mothers. Your mother still pays your child support obligations for you and your youngest three children live with her because you are to much of a loser to raise your own children. You did finally apply some semblance of your intelligence and learned a trade. Good for you, that is far more than I ever thought you would do.

Remember that tow headed little guy I have already mentioned? Yes, he visits you and he loves you. Because he is nothing like you. He can love what he has no respect for just because he knows that you are supposed to be someone and something special in his life. However, like nearly everything else in your life at that you failed miserably.

I closing I would like to thank you for your idiocy. Your idiocy has given me the two most precious gifts in my life. My wife and my son.

One man’s refuse is truly another man’s treasure.


~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on February 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sperm Donor”

  1. This ia an amazing little story here. It is real, happens to often.

  2. Neat that you saw beyond the burden of a young mother and her child…into how you could love each other and what you could create together.

    I’m so sorry your wife was subjected to rape and all the pain that is deep inside (even if unsaid).

    I’m glad she has had you and that her son has had you. Keep loving them.

    You are smart to allow ‘YOUR SON’ still spend time and love his biological father in whatever way he can. I believe that our children, even in bad situations with bad parents, have a deep need to connect with their failing parent. We all want to believe that we are loved and worthy of all efforts. Obviously this man was not capable of much … he cannot be who or what you are for wife and his son.

    You have been the real winner in all of this.

  3. A little clarification on the “statutory rape” comments. She was 16, he was 22 and the sexual relationship was consentual. It fit the requirements for statutory rape but my Wife’s parents refused to press charges. He had had a sexual ralationship with a 16yo prior to his relationship with my wife and he went on to another 16yo after he abandoned them (mom and kid) when my wife got too old for him when she turned 18.

    Thanks for the supportive comments. My wife and my Son (SS) are truly the joy in my life. I am proud to be a part of their lives and proud to participate in supporting their dreams and futures.

    Best regards,

  4. “There are so many men who father babies and don’t take care of them.” It does happen more then we care to think about. I think about it all the time, it has happened to me. My ex-husband fathered my twins, and when they were 5 months old, he left them and me without a thing. I could not work, because I had a rough pregnancy. So here I was with two little babies to take care of on my own. Oh, he had visitation rights because he hired a crooked lawyer with our money (as man and wife) that he stole the day he left. Now, to make a long story short. I have moved miles away, and he no longer gets them on weekends. When he had that right, he did not always pick the twins up. I found out that he was too busy trying to hook up with a mail order bride. Character, he has none, and is not deserving of my children. Hooray for you! You are a true man, a good man. Now I have somebody who took over his place as a real father, I am blessed! Bless You!

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