To Bio-Mom

Do you have any idea what you are doing to your children? Have you got a clue as to how much you have screwed up your kids. You cheated on your husband (who is now my fiance) with a drug dealer and then married him. You uprooted your kids and made thim live in hotels, drug houses and even went as far as trying to move them to Pennsylvania because your druggie hubby was running from the police. Of course you never told your children that you just talked shit about their father and did everything you possibly could to poison them against him. You have become a drug addict yourself and even allowed your druggy hubby to teach your 10 yr old son to smoke pot! Your children are older now and even though you have divorced you hubby (only because he divorced you for another woman) you are still screwing these kids up. Your 18 year old son has dropped out of school with an 8th grade education, sleeps on your couch with his girlfriend, he stays out late drinking and getting high and now he is taking his 16 yr old brother with him. Your 16 yr old son is following in the same footsteps as the 18 yr old. He’s failing 4 out of his 6 classes and is still a 2nd semester freshman, he stays out late drinking and has no responsibilties. Even though you are clean now (5 months) you still can’t own up to your mistakes. Everything is always someone else’s fault, you have never done anyhing wrong.
You thouroghly disgust me! Have you ever thought “wow, I am so lucky to have been given children. Some people don’t get to have this joy. I should cherish this opportunity and give my kids a fighting chance.”

Well obviously not!
You don’t deserve to have children, your poor daughter watched you night after night threaten to kill yourself in front of her. She listen as your told her that you hated her and that you did know how she even had friends because she was such a brat. I was the one that sat with her when she had to tell the police that you hit her and pulled her hair.  Their father and I were the ones that took the oldest boy into our home when you kicked him out because he found your crack pipe. I’m the one that helped him with his homework and drove him to the alternitive school because you were tired from being up for the last 5 days (because you were high).  You have got your kids so fucked up that they don’t even know what’s right and wrong anymore. I hope one day that you get a taste of your own medicine and it burns you so badly you can’t stand it.
I know I am a better person for having gone through all these things with your kids and I hope one day they will see and come to appreciate all the things their father and I have done for them. We love those kids more than life its self and we will continue to be there for them no matter what you do or say.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on February 18, 2009.

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