My daughters’ Mother

I can’t believe the things you tell your children. Do you not understand that the lies you tell them about us hurt them more then they hurt myself or my husband? Or do you just not care? Coming into this family, I was told many things about you. Not only from my husband’s family, but by total strangers. I really didn’t believe it at first, nor did I want to. I couldn’t understand how someone could really hate themselves so much, and care about and for their children so little. Then I seen and experienced it for myself. What a selfish person you are. You should be ashamed. I know you are jealous, but are you really so jealous, that you have to hurt your children? You are jealous because they live with us. Did you think when the courts asked you why you wanted custody and you responded with “because he wants them” that they would really give them to you? Why on earth would that be the reason you wanted your children? You wanted them to spite your (ex) husband? On top of that you told the courts that?

You are jealous because I am younger. You asked the girls “are you sure she isn’t going to be your sister instead of your step-mom?” I should not have responded to that. I just couldn’t help it. I told our youngest “Well, she really shouldn’t think of it like that. If I am young enough to be your sister, she is old enough to be my mom, and I am sure she doesn’t want to think of it that way” and laughed it off as a joke. That is exactly what it was a “joke”. Do you want to hurt me so badly you are willing to make your children’s lives miserable by making them hate someone they have to live with?? Fortunately, for the girls that didn’t work. They are quite happy. As happy as any other teenage girl, anyway.

You are jealous because they “like” me. Would you rather your children have to live with someone they hate? Would you rather they be miserable then happy? You are so jealous they like me that because my name was first (only due to the first letter of my name) in our youngest contact list on her cell phone (the cell phone my husband and I pay for) you made her put your name in as 1MOM so you would be first. How insecure? Let me ask you this, do you love your boyfriend? Do you love his son? Did you start loving your children less when you began loving them? Then why don’t you understand that your children can love me, without loving you less? You are their mother. No matter how selfish, or mean you are, no matter how nice and sharing I am, they will always love you. They will however have memories and figure all of this out later. Why not make their memories of you happy. All they see and hear from you is how horrible we are. How they are wrong for liking me more then you. Why not spend a little less time obsessing over my husband and myself and a little more time making special memories with YOUR children?

Your daughters’ Step-Mom

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on February 6, 2009.

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