To the Bio-Mom

You are a terrible mother, and a mean, rotten person. You used your own children to try and gain sole custody – by falsely accusing your ex of abuse. We spent our life savings fighting you. You tried to erase us from their lives but we beat you. We could have put the children through college with that money. Even now, after a year of court dates and losing privileges, you continue to disparage my husband and spread lies, because you know that accusations alone are enough for people to judge and jump to conclusions.How can you be so selfish? The children’s friends will never see them during half of their lives, because of what you have done. Do you think so little of yourself that you need to be the only parent in your children’s lives in order to feel like somebody, in order to feel important? Maybe you should find a hobby, or get a job and help support your children financially like I do, instead of spending your time plotting, gossiping and spreading false rumors.

You told the children lies about their father. You coached them to lie. You have taught them how to lie to make you feel good about yourself. They are scared to tell you the truth. Believe me, this will come back to haunt you, as they come to understand that you would rather be lied to than hurt or disappointed. The sick mind games you play with the children will require years of therapy to recover from. It is not love for your children that propels you to do the things you do, but rather contempt, jealousy and a maniacal obsession with winning, the children’s mental and emotional health be damned. You are a despicable person who doesn’t deserve the beautiful kids you created; you will only destroy them. My husband and I will fight for the rest of our lives to undo the damage you have done, and to do what you are clearly incapable of doing: teaching the children the difference between right and wrong, and raising them to be loving, contemplative, independent, honest adults. My highest hopes for the children is that they grow up to be nothing like you.


~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on February 5, 2009.

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