To My Stepdaughters’ Mother

Please, stop sending those nasty, negative, hateful e-mail messages.
They don’t affect me, or your ex-husband. They remind us of a terrible
energy that the children are exposed to in their other house.

Please, re-focus that energy into finding whatever it is you need to
love yourself again, or perhaps for the first time. Spend a month at a
retreat center. Or sit on the beach all summer long. Or go to France
and have a wild affair with a young Parisien. I won’t presume to know
what you need. But whatever it is, do it. You will get the support you
need to make it happen, once you ask. Stop living your life constantly
on the brink of suicide. Your daughters deserve better.


– Your Stepdaughters’ Stepmother

~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on January 23, 2009.

One Response to “To My Stepdaughters’ Mother”

  1. I couldn’t have said this better myself. I am so tired of the nasty e-mails “ordering” and “dictating” what we will do in our home. I cringe when I see the nasty messages, because I know that when my stepchildren are with their mother they are exposed to so much anger.

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