Dear Mom

Thank you for letting me have a relationship with my dad. I know that must have been so hard for you. But you knew how important it was for me to have him in my life. I deeply appreciate that. Especially now that I have my own children. When I think about how I would act if my marriage exploded, I’m quite sure I would probably want to leave the state and never let my kids see their dad again. But you didn’t do that. You suffered ongoing heartache keeping contact with him for me. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have balls, Mom. You sacrificed more than I can imagine. I love you.


~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “Dear Mom”

  1. This has really touched me since I didn’t think that anyone noticed how painful it really is to let your children go away from a mother’s careful watch and to hand over the reins to another in the hopes that your children can have the close bond of a father’s love in a totally different nurturing environment than the one that is uniquely stamped with a mother’s love. Still it is done out of love for her children that a mother endures more that she though she was capable of handing. While going through the pain of letting my children go to their father. I know I have done the best for my children and time has validated my choice. It has been the right one! I see that both of us, DAD and MOM have been blessed to have fulfilling relationships in our children’s live.

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