Dear Stepson

If I could have had my own child, I would have wanted him to be just like you.

You’re kind and sweet and a little quirky and I sometimes wonder if you’re not somehow mine instead of your mom’s.

We’re very similar. A different kind of similarity than your sister and I, but we’re alike nonetheless. We both love a good hug and cuddle, we both need to be reminded of how much we’re loved and we both have tempers.

I hope nothing but the best for you and I hope you’re just as much of a stepmomma’s boy as you are a momma’s boy.

I look forward to watching you grow up and becoming a man. I look forward to meeting your future wife and holding your children. I look forward to handing off the Thomas trains we’re collecting for you in the basement.

I love you kiddo.

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on January 15, 2009.

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