Dear Bio-Mom

My heart angers at the sight of you and sound of your voice. I didn’t ask for nor deserve this life either. After all these years it comes down to you wanting to control everything, even our time with the kids. I have tried, prayed and suffered the past 7 years.

I despise your lack of morals and values for these reasons: When I first moved in, you told your daughters to tell me to pay rent to you because it was your home too. Your daughter told you and her father that she was being sexually abused by your step-son and you didn’t believe her. I know you do drugs and your husband is a drug dealer. I can’t believe the amount of people you have running in and out of your house. You don’t make them take a shower for days at a time and you dress them like bums. You have never had a job in the past 7 years and have collected from welfare while my husband and I work full-time and part-time jobs. I am not their mother but I truly believe they are better with us. Apparently the court agrees. You said the only reason the judge gave him custody was because you were living with your mother, but even when we’ve been back to court four times since then, you still did not receive custody. You are unstable and have moved 4 times the past 7 years. You bad-mouth my husband and I to the girls all the time and don’t think they don’t tell us. As much as I despise you, I always speak highly of you in their presence. It’s funny because you can say all you want but actions speak louder than words and the girls are not dumb. They will see right through you and the life you lead when they become older. The only thing my husband and I can do is set an example for them.

We have always respected the time you have with them and let you be the parent when you have them. Please do not judge me or my husband’s way of life with the girls, we are doing our best and always will. Please don’t feed into what they tell you. They tell us what they think we want to hear and do the same to you. Please understand that they are children and will not always tell you the truth as they will not always tell us. I will love them forever and they are meant to be in my life just as I am meant to be in theirs. Please leave us alone!!!!!!!!!! I beg you!!!!! Be understanding!!!! I have always tried with you and I have come to terms that I can control myself but I cannot make you change. I only hope and pray you see your ways one day.

 Your Girls’ Step-mom

~ by Stepfamily Letter Project on January 15, 2009.

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