Dear Husband

There are days when I am so tired of trying to keep a smile on in front of your kids. Sometimes I want to tell you that I think you’re wrong, wrong, wrong with how you’re parenting them. But then I don’t say anything because they’re not my children. They are yours as you have made abundantly clear. I want you to know that I really am not an evil person. If I make suggestions to you about what I think about your kids, you don’t have to get so defensive. I love them. I really do. And I love you. A lot. But I wish that you would cut me some slack and let me into your family a little more. You married me after all. I guess I’m not really sure who I’m supposed to be in this family.


Your Wife

~ by Jacquelyn Fletcher on January 14, 2009.

One Response to “Dear Husband”

  1. Hello Wife, I don’t know if the letter above from the husband to his new wife is a response to your letter, but I felt I could offer some help. I’m a long time SM and a moderater on a SM support board. You are not alone. We have *all* been in your shoes. I have a powerful tool to offer you if you are interested. It’s an essay about disengaging, and it’s an important thing for a stepparent to learn. It will help improve your relationship with your skids, and how you deal with your husband as a parent. Look for me on the forums. I think the parenting issues forum would be the best place to start for you. You’ll have to register, but it’s free, and there’s a wealth of support and information there. I’ll look for you. Good luck.

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